Yo yo yo! March was another weird month in the food business, surprise surprise!!! Sales were strong in Dublin with excellent Matt delivering with style😜. We had a small number of units with bulging lids from some sort of gaseous exchange, but thank God we got that sorted quickly in the kitchen. If that ever happens you with one of our products please just call us for a refund or exchange. The West was full of crazy, crazy weather. We found a new Spanish supplier of garlic, and had some samples of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil send over two taste. We mix our Extra Virgin Oil one part to two parts Donegal cold pressed Irish Rape seed oil. Its a lovely mix we are proud of. Healthy for heart and mind, full of essential Omega 3’s. Kids back to school was DEFINITELY a relief! Cashflow is good. Some recent packaging print runs have been a bit dull, have to tackle that up with supplier, and had to return 24 kg fresh basil one week, it was going black. The joys of fresh food production. Otherwise my head is mithered. Peace and wishes to all.


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