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Pasta with fried courgette

This pasta dish works well for fussy eaters. Maybe one child wants the pasta with only butter and cheese, and another wants a tomato sauce? Well, you can alter it as you serve up for individual tastes. Handy!


  • 300 grams penne pasta
  • 2 courgettes washed and topped
  • 4 garlic cloves peeled and chopped into rough chunks
  • olive or rape seed oil
  • seasoning


  • Begin cooking penne pasta in well-salted boiling water, as per instructions.
  • Slice your courgettes into the rings the width of a regular knife handle.
  • Heat some oil in a medium-hot pan and add the rings.Wait until the undersides show a brown colour, five mins or so, and then use a fork to turn them over.
  • Add in your chopped garlic and another dash of oil, and cook for another four minutes or so, until browned.
  • You can mix your drained pasta in directly when cooked or let the courgettes rest, as they go softer and sweeter, and then combine.Add touches of butter and cheese, cream, or a pesto or tomato sauce to the final stages of courgette cooking, depending on special preferences!
  • If you want more veg, adding a good handful of peas works well.Season as desired and serve in warmed bowl plates.